10 Things I Can’t Live Without in My Photography Kit

Sunrise Taylors Mistake

The lovely Leanne Cole did an excellent post on this today, so I have decided to list my 10 things I can’t do without also.  There is a lot of crossover with Leanne’s list, as we shoot similar things 🙂


Now I shoot with the 7Dmkii and I kept my original 7D so I would have a backup body (turned out to be a good choice sadly!)


I have Manfrotto legs and an Acratech head, the head is new but very small and light and I really enjoy using it.  Necessary for long exposure shots!


The place we carry it all in, I have a Tamrac Adventure 7 which has travelled with me to Australia twice now and all over NZ.  However I have the Fstop Kashmir bag especially designed for women coming soon from a Kickstarter I backed last year, looking forward to that arriving.

4. 17-55mm F2.8 IS Canon Lens

This is my every day walkabout lens and the one probably 90% of my images are shot with.  It is excellent quality glass but in a lesser quality body, and I have found it a great versatile workhorse.  Its chunky and heavy but its my best pal 🙂

5.  10-22 Ultra Wide Canon Lens

I LOVE THIS LENS SO HARD!  I have to resist using it all the time, but I love the ultra wide effect it gives and its fantastic with long exposures

Shot with 10-22 Ultra Wide

6.  Lee Filters esp the BIG STOPPER

My Xmas present to myself, I got the full kit of hard and soft grads and the Lee Big Stopper which has been an endless source of fun and experimentation.  Gives images the WOW factor!

7.  70-200F4 IS Canon Lens

This is my only “white” lens and it is so fast and sharp.  Not as heavy as the 2.8 or as expensive, I can walk around with it for several hours without being bothered by the weight.

8.  Kathmandu Walking Shoes

My feet are terrible to fit shoes, very very wide and I have lots of problems finding comfortable shoes, esp sport or walking shoes.  My current ones I got on sale at Kathmandu and they are light and extremely comfortable and I can wear them and walk in them all day.  If your feet aren’t happy the rest of you is miserable too!

Lee Big Stopper 15 sec exposure


Of course we shoot digital these days so everything has to be interfaced with a computer.  Mine is 5 years old but was pretty fast when I got it and has just had 2 x 180GB SSD put in to give it some pep.  While I use Photoshop for the fun stuff I live in Lightroom, and could not be without it.

10.  NAS for Backups

I had some dramas with upgrading my computer and it was only because I am paranoid and backup everything that I didn’t lose all the last 7 years of images.  MUST HAVE BACKUP!

Shot with the 70-200mm through the open passenger window in my car

So what are the things YOU can’t live without?


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12 Responses to 10 Things I Can’t Live Without in My Photography Kit

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I forgot about the hiking shoes and the NAS, so glad to have the NAS. You are right our lists are very similar. Great to hear what you 10 things are Stacey.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I was tempted to put my flash on it, but its not essential, I can live without it 🙂 Shoes and backup storage are far more vital!

  2. Robyn G says:

    A great read Stacey – makes us think above what we really need.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Robyn, different things suit different people and everyone shoots their own way, what suits me will be completely different for someone else and that’s ok!

  3. Sue says:

    My list would be much the same as yours, just different focal length lenses!

  4. In awe of all the breathtaking things captured here. Thank you for sharing!

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