Agua Camera Bag on Kickstarter

*Note: Some of the pictures presented in the project page (and the video too) are showing regular buckles. The  AGUA will be provided to backers featuring "Fail-safe" buckles (with the blue button).

Agua Camera Bag on Kickstarter

I recommend watching the video, it tells you everything you needed to know.

Yes I backed it, and I’m in good company as it reached its funding limit in just over 3 hours.  For me, having a bag like this that I can carry my camera and macro lens easily means I can spend a day out enjoying shooting without being weighed down with other stuff and just enjoy an outing.

Something that is an extra level of protection around the sea or in light rain is a really nice idea, and its a very good price.  Originally I was considering the Lowepro AW100 but its really big and bulky and not necessarily comfortable to wear, this idea suits me much better!

Maybe you will agree and back it as well!


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4 Responses to Agua Camera Bag on Kickstarter

  1. leecleland says:

    Thanks Stacey for bringing it to our attention, great idea and looks like it will really work for those sort of rainy days when you want to take the camera but don’t want it to get wet 🙂

  2. Looks good. Anything to make our cameras easily accessible and hands free is always great.

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