Christchurch Street Art

The Dancer – Click to embiggen

Some of you may know that 5 years ago we had two major earthquakes here in Christchurch, and the second one was particularly devastating, damaging nearly all the buildings in the CBD area in the city.  As a result there has been significant demolition going on, and in the last couple of years some new buildings have gone up.

It has meant there are a lot of large empty flat walls around the place and someone had the genius idea of bringing in international street artists to take advantage and decorate some of them.

This is my personal fave, The Dancer.  As you can see from the image below, she is only gracing us temporarily, as it looks like another building will be constructed in front of her. So I went out with my step ladder this morning when the sun was at the angle and managed to reach over the security gate to take these images for posterity.

I was at a reasonable angle to the wall when I shot this, but using the perspective adjustment tools, I fiddled until it felt like I had it more square on.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

The wider view of of the city, the tall pale brown building with lots of windows just to the right of the dancer is where I used to work in the central city. Its 7 floors high and one of the tallest of the few remaining buildings from before the quake – Click to embiggen

There are lots of other artworks decorating the walls, some I have posted before and quite a few new ones but you have to be in the right place at the right time to get the right light, so I will go out again next weekend for some more new ones.

Girl on a Brick Wall – Click to embiggen

I have no idea who the artists are for these works which is sad because they are clearly talented people.  This portrait of a girl on an empty brick wall popped up ages ago and I really like it, her eyes are piercing and from a distance it looks like she is staring right at you.  She feels familiar to me, not sure why.

Its hard to get a shot of this without any cars parked in front of it, as its a carpark.

This is a new piece that went up a few months ago, its also next to a carpark, I haven’t figured out what the message is, but its a striking image against the blue wall and also a clear blue sky in the morning.

Since I did so well with my assignment and presentation, and also finding out the exam is open book, I gave myself a day off study and went out with my camera, read a book for pleasure and did some long overdue housework.  Tonite I am off to the movies!

Hope you enjoy these creative artworks, it certainly livens up our rather broken city and I always enjoy seeing new ones pop up unexpectedly.

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23 Responses to Christchurch Street Art

  1. kirsten says:

    The dancer is gorgeous!! I love street art. I need to see if we have any somewhere near by. Hope you enjoyed your movie 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      I went and saw Spy and loved it, a more grown up Melissa MCarthy movie and really funny. Jason Statham was hilarous and great to see Miranda Hart in a big role too.

      I discovered a love for street art in Melbourne, they have some original buildings with lots of alleyways there which are decorated now by professional artists and its awesome

      • kirsten says:

        The movie sounds good. The street art sounds even better. I’m not sure we have any around here. The towns have all been a clean up and be beautiful kick. I will have to investigate 🙂

  2. leecleland says:

    Indeed the Dancer is wonderful and I’m impressed on your use of the perspective tools to bring her more head on, WOW! The girl on the brick wall, am I seeing right that she has one blue eye and one brown. She’s stunning anyway. Open book exams take a lot of the stress away but all the best anyway – then freedom, for a while 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      I confess to just twiddling with the perspective tools, its not quite right cos of the extreme angle I was at, but its a lot better than it was. Unfortunately the security fence was too high for my little step stool so the only place I could shoot was over the gate which was a foot shorter!

  3. desleyjane says:

    I love this. It’s stunning. Wouldn’t it be great if that wall was the inside wall of the house next door so you could see that every day.

  4. loisajay says:

    Your stepladder?! I love it! The mouth….piece. Are those letters the make up the lips? I am thinking a dentist did this one. 😀 I think that is my favorite one because, as you say, it stands out so beautifully against the blue background. Shame these will all have to go.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have closer up shots of the mouths, I will process them and post in another post so you have a better view of the words. That one will probably stay as its next to an actual proper carpark, but many of the others will be built in front of.

  5. I went to the Christchurch city council yesterday and they`re distributing pamphlets describing street art as `graffiti vandalism` which is simply not true, a narrow minded perspective, and a very conservative one at that. In comparison, cities in Brazil consider graffiti as an art, and it is widely encouraged by the local city councils and hence it receives worldwide attention for it`s vibrancy. A number of successful artists launched their careers in the street. Grafitti is an art form, not vandalism.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I agree that tagging is vandalism but actual street art like the stuff Im showing here and the smaller ones are certainly art. There is a guy Wongi who is paid to do all sorts of walls around the place and his stuff is cool.

  6. I was there earlier in the year and was delighted with this city, the people, the courage, the resilience and of course the street art, so inspiring. I never saw this dancer, I wish I had. Beautiful

  7. What stunning works of art to come out of your disaster. I once had an open book exam for Latin – that was great as some of the questions were straight out of our assignments – I got a B- for the second year when I hadn’t even done the first. Useful now when I do my crosswords. Good luck for tomorrow.

    • lensaddiction says:

      It’s a it of a silver lining in some ways but yes a great way to tart up the blank walls around the city. I found out I got 91% as my final assignment mark so I’m happy with that. Going to read over my notes tonite and take it easy on my brain

  8. pfingstrose says:

    Beautiful! I love that they opened the gaps and empty spaces to street artists. It is definitely more encouraging to have a work of art than a gap.
    Thank you for taking the pictures and sharing them with people all across the globe 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      It is so much nicer to have amazing art than blank walls, its sad they are building in front of many of them now tho

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