Light Show Botanic Gardens Christchurch

Coloured lights and smoke/fog over the duckpond – click to embiggen

Its school holidays and someone decided to carry on the tradition of doing a mid winter light show in Christchurch (started a few years ago after the earthquakes).  This year they used the Botanic Gardens which is a lovely idea, lots of flat space, nice wide paths to walk on and many great sights to utilise.

I was late getting there, had to park several blocks away and of course took AGES taking photos so I barely got quarter of the way around and then I saw the light show and smoke across the duckpond.  Found the path to the edge on my side and set up my tripod so I would get the branches of a nearby tree in the foreground.

There were lots of different coloured light combinations, but the pink/purple was my favourite, and when I moved my lens around to the left I got this wonderful composition with the clump of trees on the edge of the pond all backlit by the pink smoke.

And of course, just as I was getting into it, they turned it off!  Was nearly 9pm and it finished at 8.30 so can’t really complain but may have to go back tomorrow for more 🙂

My first version of this was edited in LR, made some global adjustments to bring out a bit more detail from the shadows and tone down the highlights a bit.  Then I played with some of my new presets and added a couple to get the more grittier look above which I quite like.

Technially shooting was a challenge, being in full dark.  Of course I took my tripod and my headlamp.  Also got to field test my cold weather clothing and it worked a treat, my legs were just warm enough and my torso was quite warm while moving around tho I need to find a hat that can accomodate the headlamp too.

There was ice on the puddles as I walked back to my car, it was THAT cold 🙂

Original slightly softer version – click to embiggen

If you are in CHCH this weekend with your camera I recommend a visit on Sunday night, being the last night!

I prefer the top grittier more detailed image – it improves the details on the clump of trees at the edge of the water to the left a lot.

Next time I might shoot it with a clear foreground tho 🙂

Which one do you like?  All comments and Feedback welcome!

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4 Responses to Light Show Botanic Gardens Christchurch

  1. Dean Hohn says:

    Rose I think I prefer the top one as well, but I also light the ethereal feel of the bottom one. Great colours and nice sharp image.

  2. Beautiful. I prefer the top image too. I like the sharpness you have added to it. But the second one is nice in a different way. We have been freezing too here in Hastings.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Raewyn, yes I was pleased I had collected proper cold weather layers over the last few years, the Under Armour base layer I got was a bit expensive but it is worth every cent, its super light and warm and dries really quickly, I want it in other colours so I can wear to work!

      Probably going to go out again tonite and do the bits I missed and most likely revisit the pond at a different viewpoint too.

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