Focussing on Cat Faces

Cognac Horizontal Version – Click to Embiggen

Something Different!  Something not a building!

A lady in my Awake course posted this excellent portrait of a cat done using in part some watercolour brushes and I thought it was EXCELLENT.  Of course I wanted to try it and once I had the right brushes I had a go yesterday.

The top image is my first go, it got lots of excellent feedback, mainly that people wanted to see more of his face and ears.  Problem was I cropped the ears in shot as I was just focussing on his face and eyes.

Therefore Take #2 was required.  I also wasn’t as happy with the indirect gaze so wanted to change that too.

Cognac aged 4 months approx – Click to Embiggen

This was my second go – still not happy with the colour balance on his right side, his white body causes a big bright patch and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it despite a range of creative experiments.

So I added the vertical text (another first) toning the colour in to match with the background shades of the image, hopefully to give a bit more visual weight there.

Just the usual layers, masks and lots of brush painting going on.  Using different sizes and shapes of brush with different opacities really builds up a sense of depth and layering of the paint, which I enjoy.

I like the first one for the negative space and the second one for the chaotic background – Which Do You Like and Why?

All Feedback, Comments and Helpful Tips Welcome!

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6 Responses to Focussing on Cat Faces

  1. I just love the blue eyes in the first image. Actually the colour patch on his face is a pleasing shape. I find the second one a little fussy if you know what I mean. Great job though. You are inspiring me to work more on my Photoshop skills

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Raewyn, I liked just the focus on the face and eyes too in the first one but you cant please everyone all of the time, apparently 🙂

      I never thought I would be the person having fun with Photoshop and Ive only done 2 of the advanced lessons LOL

  2. afairymind says:

    I like the first one best. Those blue eyes are really striking and I like all the negative space. 🙂

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