One Four Challenge – Aug Wk1

August is Review Month on the One Four Challenge – I missed the last one as due to being in Tasmania at the time.

Given my new learnings within Photoshop my review image this week is the lovely Peacock taken at Fyffe View Farm Park in Kaikoura.

This was my first attempt to tart him up – applied the oilpaint filter, added a watercolour background for some colour and my first go with swirly brushes.



1.  Also applied Oil Paint filter but a much finer version

2. Add a blue swirl – the colour sampled from his chest feathers

3. Add some bigger black swirls across his chest and for fun some in his crest feathers too.

4.  Blend in via Hard Light.

4.  Add a water stained paper texture over the top and blend down.

Had no particular agenda here, just to try variations on my first attempt when I really didn’t have any clue at all what I was doing.  This is dabbling for the fun of it 🙂

All feedback, comments and helpful suggestions welcome!


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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12 Responses to One Four Challenge – Aug Wk1

  1. leecleland says:

    And that’s the fun of it – the playing ad infinitum 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      It’s important to remember occasionally that it’s sposed to be funds well as all the lessons too😍

  2. Joanne says:

    Simply beautiful! 🙂

  3. Lovely work Stacey. Love the oil paint filter.

  4. svtakeiteasy says:

    Vey artistic – i like the texture in the background; it reminds me of quilting patterns on cloth.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Chris, the oilpaint filter can look quite 3d if you fiddle with it, I like the stronger effect myself.

  5. Robyn G says:

    This is gorgeous Stacey and I particularly love the 2nd. The texture andfine details are gorgeous as is the Peacock!! Love those flourishes too! Really looks like fun!!

  6. lensaddiction says:

    Thanks Robyn, the 2nd image was my first go and I was a bit heavy handed with the flourishes so wanted to try a more subtle effect. Perhaps too subtle?

  7. I completely missed the first time you did this, what a great idea. Love the first, but there is significant improvement in the second, it is less harsh, you can almost imagine the strokes.

    • lensaddiction says:

      The second one is a bit darker and more serious in tone I think but I did work harder on the texture in the oilpaint effect 🙂

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