Touring Tasmania – Richmond Township

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Richmond Township had several attractions, it was only about 30 min drive from my accomodation, it has a historic bridge and also the most popular tourist attraction in Tasmania – a miniature model representation of colonial Hobart complete with prisoners escaping from the prison, a woman killing a snake and adventures in a hay wagon!

The day before I had rain, today I had sunshine most of the day and the drive up to Richmond was quite delightful, through farming country – Google Map for reference – I started in Seven Mile Beach and went up to Richmond via Cambridge

I was quite early so stopped and wandered the streets looking at all the lovely colonial buildings still standing and there were many of them.  It made for a very pretty walk with many photogenic opportunities just down the road or around the corner.

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Many of the buildings had obviously been built for a purpose, you could see from the shape of them, but most didn’t have any stories telling you what they were and a lot of them were lived in so I didn’t want to poke around too much.

Lots were built out of the local stone, I think it is sand stone, and has worn to the lovely varied shades you see in the building above, the morning sunlight was hitting it at just the right angle.

In the end I spent too much time enjoying myself in Richmond and paid the price at the end of the day, but it was worth the time. It was also Easter Friday but many shops opened while I was there, including many craftspeople and I spent a while talking to a local lace maker in a tiny shop filled with lacy delights 🙂

Next stop the fabulous Miniature Village and the famous Richmond Bridge!


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4 Responses to Touring Tasmania – Richmond Township

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, it was a pretty place to visit with a camera, tho the timing for the angle of the sun wasn’t ideal, but I was there to shoot the bridge mainly and that was nicely lit which you will see in the next series of images.

  1. Lovely photos Stacey. That lace shop sounds really interesting.

    • lensaddiction says:

      It was, nice to see an old handcraft being supported locally and they had lots of really nice stuff in there. We had a lovely chat about lace but for some reason to do with Easter trading she couldnt sell me anything!

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