To the Mountains and Back Again

Lake Tekapo – the Church of the Good Shephard is just visible on the right – Click to Embiggen

Some dear friends moved from Kaikoura to Lake Te Anau a year ago, which happens to be 7 hours drive one way from here, through at least two mountain passes.  That is a long way to drive in one go, and too far for me by myself.  So another friend and I planned a 4 day Roadtrip and we got back yesterday.

Luckily my travel companion is familiar with my photography habits and happy to stop where necessary.  The weather on the way down was quite frankly, grotty.  Heavy overcast, flat dull light, bitterly cold and uninspiring. ALL THE WAY for 7 hours!
We stopped in Tekapo for lunch, parked by the Lake and I risked breaking an ankle over the rocks to go down to the shore and setup my tripod and take some shots.  Lastly I put my 10-22mm ultrawide on and noticed the clouds were doing a swoopy thing in the sky.

This is the far end of the lake and the bright spot is the sun – yes thats how heavy the cloud cover was.  Also, yes the lake really is that astonishing blue colour, its even more noticeable in bright sun.

I liked the first image but felt it needed some more drama and texture so I acquired Topaz Impressions and played with a couple of options and blended them in with the original to get this which I quite like 🙂

Click to Embiggen and see the lovely textural detail

The first two days of our trip, the weather was like this and the last two were beautiful sunny blue sky days.  I have LOTS of photos and will be working through them along with my Tasmania images over the next little while.

If you like breathaking scenery, snow capped mountains, sparkling lakes, sun dappled native forest, flowing rivers and waterfalls – please stick around, they are ALL coming up 🙂


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17 Responses to To the Mountains and Back Again

  1. Nice work. I still love that first image, but your editing is great as always

  2. desleyjane says:

    Oh I love Lake Tekapo. Such a beautiful spot. Your photos are stunning, can’t wait for the next ones.

  3. kirsten says:

    Beautiful! Topaz Impression is one of my favorite filters. You did a wonderful job at blending it in with your photo 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes I have seen amazing stuff done in Awake with it but it was really expensive (but I found a discount code for 25% that helped). Can’t take much credit for the blending of the Impression, thats how it came out in PS – it didnt seem to apply it beyond the sky with this variation which I couldnt quite figure out why but I liked it like that so left it 🙂

      • kirsten says:

        Well, it turned out great 🙂 I have a couple of Topaz products. I want to try out Topaz Simplify too. I love what you are doing for the Awake projects…very inspiring!

      • lensaddiction says:

        I looked at Simplify but I liked more of what Impression offered, its got more options in the detail end which I preferred. Maybe one day I will find a use for Simplify 🙂

  4. leecleland says:

    Love the swoopy bits from Impressions and the font. Will have to follow Kirsten’s blog to find out what she gets up to in AWAKE 🙂 I’ve got the Nik Collection (on special a while back) and can’t justify TOPAZ stuff yet until I find out what it does that Nik doesn’t . Love snow and lakes and all that stuff and can’t wait to see some of it.

    • lensaddiction says:

      The font is a free one I found on – there are TONS and many are licenced for commercial use too. Nik is great – I have the collection but I only use Color and Silver Efex with any regularity.

      Impressions is quite different in that it applies a variety of painting effects across your image – none of the Nik options do that . You can get a free 3o day trial of the full versions of all the Topaz products you know …….

      • leecleland says:

        OMG, I just paid the US$29 to Design Cuts for their mega fonts pack special Not sure yet what I’ll do with it but I know I love calligraphy so thought I’d get them while I could. Will go and look at dafonts 🙂 Seems like I’ll have to look more into Topaz stuff – I’ve been putting it off (head in the sand), oh well you only live once ! Thanks for all that info Stacey.

      • lensaddiction says:

        I am always very tempted by the Design Cuts deals, I want SOME of the fonts in that deal but not all of them and I really can’t afford to keep buying stuff esp as the exchange rate is really hurting!

      • leecleland says:

        Yes the exchange rate is a killer at the moment it worked out to AUD $40.41 so about a third more 😦

      • lensaddiction says:

        Yes I am limiting my overseas purchases a lot as a result, and now our govt is planning ways to add GST to online digital purchases like EBOOKS!!

      • leecleland says:

        I hope our govt doesn’t go that way too. Love my books 🙂

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