Great Southern Lakes of NZ

Lake Te Anau – click to embiggen

This is the view I was hoping to get on my trip down south, bright blue skies, crystal clear lakes, snow capped mountains OH MY!

As you can see from the above image of Lake Te Anau – taken from the edge of the township with a very nice driftwood tree for added interest, yes I got that weather on the last two days of the trip.

For the first two days I got THIS – dark murky and overcast but it still makes for quite a different feel of image, so no sulking, out into the rain I went with my friend P who kindly volunteered to be a mobile umbrella for my camera and tripod.

Manapouri – click to embiggen

On the Sunday P and I had a day of adventures, so many adventures!  We drove the Milford road but didn’t actually make it to Milford Sound, we were too busy exploring all the little nooks and crannies and side trips on the way that most people never see.  She had been to some already and some were new to both of us, it was an EXCELLENT day, a real treat for me to be a passenger and fully able to enjoy the scenery.

Lake Te Anau from the Milford End – click to embiggen

Everywhere you look there are fabulous views, it is easy to see why tourists flock by the busload and even though this is one of the most remote parts of the South Island, the buses stream in from Queenstown from dawn til dusk.  The three images above are all different scenes taken from the Milford end of Lake Te Anau.

There are many lakes in this part of the world, Te Anau, Manapouri, Benmore, Aviemore, Pukaki, Tekapo, Wakatipu, Dunstan are the big names, some natural, some formed behind dams.  The South Island runs on hydroelectric power provided by these lakes and rivers which are all snow fed so a good cold wet winter is important to us.

Lake Pukaki South Arm – click to embiggen

The last lake on my photo tour is Lake Pukaki – famous for its astonishing blue colour and for being the home of Aoraki or Mt Cook – our tallest peak.  This is a shot to the south of Mt Cook – I love all the textures in the snow covered landscape, white clouds across a blue sky and the reflection in the lake.

It was truly gobsmackingly gorgeous and many times I just stood there and luxuriated in the natural wonders spread before me.  Really need to get out of the city more often!

Next Up – drive along the Milford Sound Road and see many many mountains!

All feedback, thoughts and comments welcome!


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21 Responses to Great Southern Lakes of NZ

  1. artcouk says:

    Digging the snow reflections, a great colour scheme you have to hand!

  2. desleyjane says:

    What a beautiful country you have. I love that last shot especially.

  3. just beautiful……….I hope you didn’t forget to check out mirror lakes as you went down Milford way! I love it over there……….I really, really want to come back!

  4. leecleland says:

    Beautiful NZ, love that last one as others have said, but I really like the mood of Lake Manapouri on a grey day with the low clouds.

  5. Josie Brady says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your stunning photos. NZ has been calling me back for a long time, and this is the area I really long to see.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thankyou for taking time to view them and comment, where did you visit on your last trip – many people only go as far as the North Island which is a shame because the South Island is MUCH prettier 🙂

  6. A fantastic travelogue. Your photos are great.

  7. Karen M. says:

    I really enjoyed your posts on the lakes and Mountains of southern New Zealand! We will be spending the first 2 weeks of Oct visiting the area, and I hope I can take some photos of these stunning views. Thanks for sharing!

    • lensaddiction says:

      Glad to help, if you are in the area I also have pictures of Queenstown, Arrowtown, Lake Wakitipu and The Catlins, you can find them all listed under the Camera Adventures tab or search for them. Have a great time, its unlikely there will be as much snow in Oct as its spring here, but the weather can be unpredictable so you never know!

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