Touring Tasmania – Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge – click to embiggen

Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia (Wikipedia) and by still in use they mean cars drive over it to cross the river and it is the only bridge that I saw in the township.

The foundation stone was laid in 1823 as per this sign in the middle of the bridge.

By now the sun was at the right angle and it simply glows on the yellow sandstone the bridge has been built out of.  They were doing some construction or repairs on the bank on the other side so I have cropped that out.  Many ducks and other birds were swimming in the river and on a sunny morning it was a lovely spot to be.

View from on top of the bridge – click to embiggen

I walked across the bridge – it is narrow but has a pathway on one side for pedestrians and this was the view on that side, a lovely path along the side of the river that goes up to a park and playground up further in the middle of the town.  Very nice walk on a sunny day I am sure!

View of the shady side of the bridge with a colonial building across the river – click to embiggen

I was intrigued how the stone of the bridge looks so different taken from the shady side, you can see the pale mortar they used quite clearly in this image.

Next up is the wonderful Old Hobart Town Miniature Village – the two reasons I came to Richmond, but all the wonderful colonial buildings distracted me as well 🙂


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6 Responses to Touring Tasmania – Richmond Bridge

  1. leecleland says:

    Lovely shots, as always Tassie reminds me of England. Something about the English trees and ducks . . . . .

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