Today is the first day of SPRING

Tis indeed the 1st of September and the first official day of Spring.  Of course it is also cold, overcast and raining LOL

A photo of the bluebells in Hagley Park from a couple of years ago with a bit of fancy work in PS 🙂

Whats the weather like where you are?  Looking forward to Autumn?


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8 Responses to Today is the first day of SPRING

  1. loisajay says:

    And we are heading towards autumn and it is still hot as blazes here! I love the bluebells…very pretty. Oh, well….in about 7 months…. 😀

  2. love the photo and the processing…….Spring here, but still cold! Soon, so very soon we will have warmer weather (I hope)

  3. green_knight says:

    Spring. Harrumph. We’re not just heading into autumn, we’ve *been* in autumn for the last three months, storms and all. I have a new camera and *really* want to see some autumn colour this year – not sure we’ll get the weather for it.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Oooh what kind of camera did you get? Yes I was out today and it was a bit early in the spring to be NOT wearing a wind proof jacket, snow forecast in some areas too!

      • green_knight says:

        Pentax K50. Bright red 🙂
        I’ve had two previous Pentax models, and I love them (also, I have the tele lens) – I can reliably shoot up to 1/32 freehand, and I love the image quality. (Really must blog about it). When my camera started to fail, I went online to see what could be done, and found the K50 for £80 off. Not an offer I could refuse.
        I now have taken around 3K photos with that camera – ok, some of them experimenting with getting the settings just right) and I love it more than I would have thought.

      • lensaddiction says:

        Shiny new toy goodness – nothing beats it and even better if its bright red LOL I know the people who own their Pentaxes tend to love them to bits and sounds like you got a great deal, look forward to seeing pix 🙂

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