Kashmir UL Camera Bag for Women

Image from F-stop site

F-stop Kashmir UL Camera Bag designed for Women – site here

In Dec last year I was alerted to the fact that F-stop were running a Kickstarter to fund a camera backpack designed specifically for women.  I had considered purchasing their Loka UL bag but it was too expensive to purchase sight unseen so didn’t go down that path.

The Kashmir was much more affordable and I liked the look of it and mine finally arrived a couple of weeks ago (only 2-3 months behind schedule LOL)

I will do a full review of it once I have had a chance to take it out and use it properly however Nicole S Young has done an excellent comparison review of the Loka vs the Kashmir  – read it here

So any ladies out there considering a new camera bag, keep the Kashmir in mind, so far it appears to fit quite comfortably, is extremely light, packs quite an amount of stuff in it, has space for a laptop or hydration bladder (being able to carry more water is a major bonus for day treks) and is low key stylish.

Anyone else out there have one?  Do you like it?


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2 Responses to Kashmir UL Camera Bag for Women

  1. Joanne says:

    This bag looks fabulous – I’m going to be curious to hear what you think of it now!

    • lensaddiction says:

      I have a half day event on Sunday which should give it a good workout, the weather is slowly warming up, so when it stops raining I will go out more

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