5 Day Deal is HERE

Click on this to view the deal

Last year I bought the massive 5 Day Deal – it was tons and tons of photography training, ebooks, videos, presets, textures and to be honest I have barely touched any of it except for the ebooks.  What I have seen has been excellent stuff from the likes of David du Chemin, Lindsay Adler, Serge Ramelli and many many more and new contributors this year too!

It is an incredible deal and right now they are doing it again – if you are a Landscape photographer they have stuff designed just for you with PS and LR editing training too!

One of the purposes of the deal is to raise money for charities and the tutor of my PS Fine Art and Awake courses is doing a special thing – if you use his link below he is donating HALF of what his link generates to the Care for Africa Foundation, to bring clean drinking water to villages who don’t have it

Sebastian Michaels 5 Day Deal Link 

Use this to donate to the Care for Africa Foundation

The Deal Finishes on TUESDAY so be in quick and check it out!


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