Replacement Background Experimentation

Excatly the same swan splash landing image on two different backgrounds.  I learnt a valuable lesson with this experiment about matching the white balance and colour tones of an image to the background.

Let me just extol the virtues of Topaz ReMask 5 – I have been putting it through its paces on the 30 day demo, and I have to confess, I am going to purchase this software.  It makes selecting an item SO MUCH EASIER and FASTER and oddly does really well on the more difficult elements, like smoke, steam or water splashes.

The first variation I did was with one of the new Jai Johnson backgrounds – I bought her Autumn Textures pack and am in love with the deep rich colours and wonderful textural variations.

I chose the rich orange and gold background because of the implied water texture which suited the image of the cob swan landing agressively near me, trying to scare me away from his pond (so long as I stayed away from the very edge he was satisfied).  But as you can see, the cooler blue tones of the swan and water really didn’t work together that well.

Good news is there was a much more suitable texture with a strong water theme on the Daily Textures site where they are available for individual purchase.  I acquired six more in neutral and cooler tones to complement the warmer autumn ones.

Second variation is the new blue Rough Seas background instead of the warm gold and it is a MUCH better match!

I should still do some work around the edges to blend them in a bit better, still working out that technique.  This is a very different style for me, as I have not had the ability to do an accurate clean extraction of an image before and attempt a background replacement.  Its not necessarily something I would do all the time but a really useful tool to have available to me.  Messy or intrusive backgrounds are the most annoying thing about photography, so having an option like this is very nice.

Click on either image for large size view

Like it?  Don’t like it? Tell Me All About It!


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7 Responses to Replacement Background Experimentation

  1. Stacey, these are exquisite images! I agree the colors of the blue background work better, but I’m blown away by both. I have Topaz Remask but haven’t had the opportunity to try it out. You’ve given me a much-needed kick in the pants 🙂

  2. leecleland says:

    Still like the golden one, but can see what a difference having the right white balance etc does. It looks so much more natural and like the extra water splashes in front too.

    • lensaddiction says:

      🙂 I didnt add any extra water splashes, thats part of the texture but it really looks the part and my water splashes just add an extra sense of realism there to sell the concept 🙂

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