Kitten Scribbles – more Lines Action

Home sick today with a cold and not really up to any major editing work, so decided to play again with the Lines action.  Click  image to see big size with more detail.

This is  a photo of my kitten Cognac , hard to think he is 2 now and much bigger and fluffier!

I used Style 1 of the Lines action, dodged and burned a little and added a JaiJ grad background for some colour interest – this time leaving the scribbled part as black and white, which is the default but you have the ability to add the original image colours back in if required.

The action is quite flexible and adaptable once you can figure out what layer you need to adjust in the stack of around 100 of them!

Like it?  Dont?  Tell me ALL about it!


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Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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2 Responses to Kitten Scribbles – more Lines Action

  1. green_knight says:

    This is wonderful – it has a playful/chaotic vibe that fits the kitten perfectly.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I hadn’t thought about it like that but yes good call, he is in the middle of playing with what was his favourite toy til it broke 🙂

      Its another useful tool to be used sparingly to maintain the effect but for a $9 investment its a bargain!

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