One Four Challenge – Oct Wk 2

This weekend has been busy for me despite taking Friday off – I went to Akaroa for Friday night to stay with friends and attend French Fest.  Then I had to come back early on Saturday for a Hen’s Night with yummy mexican themed food.

Today I have been baking for a fund raising morning tea to help Save Our Kiwi – our national bird needs all the help it can get so I have made Strawberry and Vanilla muffins, Devil’s Chocolate Cake and Rustic Spiced Apple Tartlets.  After four hours of baking (and no dinner!) I confess that I haven’t made a lot of effort for this weeks One Four Challenge (details here if you are new to the Challenge)

Quite simply, I took the image from last week and ran it through Topaz Impression and this is a grafitti preset where I have changed the wall texture to more stone looking and changed it to BW as the colours the preset gave me were not a nice fit.

Hopefully next weekend I will have more energy for a more creative approach!



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20 Responses to One Four Challenge – Oct Wk 2

  1. desleyjane says:

    Wow that sounds very busy and it sounds like a lot of food. Your baking sounds delish – the kiwi is lucky to have you all in their corner 😉 Very cool texture in your shot.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes it was busier than I expected to be, but it was nice to do things like baking, cos I have been on a health and weight loss plan for the last year (lost 14 kg!) I havent made a lot of baking as its usually sweet stuff and staying away from sugar is a lot easier if you don’t have tasty treats in the house 🙂

      I liked this texture, it was a bit different to the brick wall effect.

  2. Awesome to know that you help the kiwi population. Your photo has to many shadows in the background. It takes attention away from the duckling. (Only my meaning)

  3. Robyn G says:

    Wow, you have had a very busy week! Good on you for being so involved and I hope you enjoyed visiting your friends.
    This is such a different take on this little guy. I like it and I really do like Topaz Impression.
    Nice work Stacey and I think the BW suits it so well.

  4. Your edit this week is very different. – I like the way there seems to be a wall behind the duck but I think the texturing or the shadows on the duck are just a bit dark. – You’ve certainly had a busy week.

  5. afairymind says:

    It’s amazing you managed to get any editing done at all with how busy you’ve been! I really like the stone wall texture of this edit and, whilst I agree that the background is a little dark, it makes the duck’s head with the bright white feathers really stand out. 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes Im a bit surprised myself how busy the weekend was, I have been a bit reclusive being a student part time for last three years so it was nice to get out and about.

  6. svtakeiteasy says:

    Hi Stacey – I think the texture is a little too heavy and dark, as the duck gets a bit lost. But that’s just me.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes that seems to be a common theme with this one, next time I will have more time to spend doing a better job 🙂

  7. coolquilting says:

    interesting texture..but I miss the fluffiness of the little duckling!

  8. Nic says:

    While your week 1 image is super cute, I do like this week’s image as well. The black & white and texture do make it look like a drawing on a cement wall.

    Awesome that you did all that in one weekend! Oh, and Happy Birthday! 😀

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