Wedgetail Eagle Photo Art

I have decided I am calling what I do with my images when editing them – PHOTO ART.

Hopefully its taking a photo and turning it into art, hence the name 🙂

This is an Australian Wedgetail Eagle I took at Currumbin back in 2011, I was inspired by some magnificent raptor images from Suesy Fulton in one of my texture FB groups and I knew I had these images in my archives.

Post Processing Steps:

  1. Masked out the background of the bird in ReMask and tidied up in a layer mask in PS
  2. Duplicated the layer and ran through Impression for the painted look and blended into background with a layer mask
  3. Blended painted layer over original and blended into background with a layer mask
  4. Bought in a Daily Texture background and fiddled with its placement til it worked
  5. Fiddled with the eagle colour tonings a bit til they had a richness and similarity to the background
  6. Duplicated the background and blended in with soft light to tonally even out the image
  7. Added a Native American saying
  8. Added a faint grunge framing for a bit of textural interest and vignette effect.

Here is the original image for comparison

Its a good shot, the eagle is sharp and clear, especially the eye, beak and neck feathers.  The background is not too messy and nicely blurred and shows a natural environment.

But it lacks the WOW factor, and the Photo Art version has more of that in my opinion.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Love to hear why!


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11 Responses to Wedgetail Eagle Photo Art

  1. I think it depends on what you really want. Do you want an art photo of the bird which is awesome as a piece of art. Or do you want the real photo just with the back ground softer and out of focus. The photo is beautiful but the background is a bit dark. to show the outline detail of the bird. (Do I make sense?)

  2. it’s great to compare to the original (which is nice too), however I do prefer the rich colours of the photo art. Perhaps it is just my monitor, but the eye tends to stand out a little more on the original, perhaps brighten the highlight a touch more would make the eye stand out a little bit?

  3. desleyjane says:

    Absolutely agree. It looks fantastic.

  4. John Pritchard says:

    Hi, loved both pictures…but as a NPS lover, prefer the natural shot with the following improvements, in my opinion…Clone back the hi-lights, as distracting, Vignette the background & edges, add a slight Lomo-ish..and you have a brilliant prize winning nature shot!

    • lensaddiction says:

      LOL given the strict rules around natural history images, all of that editing would disqualify it for any competitions 🙂 But I appreciate the feedback 🙂

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