A further update – Prints and New Kit

20151129_171737_resizedWith my surgery happening this coming Thursday, things have been busy with sorting lots of stuff that needs to be done before hand, and planning put in place to cope with situations that may arise while I am unable to do things like drive.

So its been busy and not a lot of time for creative stuffs.  One of the exciting things to happen is I have been provided with a Z230 workstation and Dreamcolour calibrated monitor from a supporter of my work.

It was a very unexpected offer and much appreciated.  I spent the afternoon setting all the equipment up on my desk (with the necessary cat assistance) and installing all my software, making sure everything is connected to the network and all that stuff.

Last thing I need to find is a KVM that supports displayport and has THREE USB ports so I can switch the middle monitor, mouse, keyboard and tablet between the two machines.  I suspect such a device does not exist so research will need to be done.

The other thing my supporter has offered to do is print some of my work for me.  I had been asked to provide some for an upcoming month long exhibition but the cost to print and mount is quite expensive.

So I was a bit surprised when a very large long box arrived on Friday and I unrolled it to find this inside – it isn’t obvious but its 1.5 meters long and nearly a meter wide – its HUGE!!

imagejpeg_3Its awesome, especially on such a grand scale and is at the framers to be stretched out (its printed on heavy grade canvas) over my recovery time, so I will have a image of it mounted in a couple of months.

Quite exciting to see my work printed and REAL – still working through the challenges of getting your work to print it like you see on the screen, and that is the purpose of the Dreamcolour screen, to assist with that.

I changed my colour space within PS to Adobe 1998 RGB (I had it at sRGB) to match the monitor – tho it can do ProPhoto too but according to my reading that really only works if you are working on RAW files, and I do all my work in PS with jpg.  So will see if the wider colour space gives more accurate colours on printing.

If anyone has some tips on colour management, would love to hear them, its a challenging topic!


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29 Responses to A further update – Prints and New Kit

  1. ardysez says:

    I have no idea about any of the technical aspects of your post, my PS days are well behind me, but that print is gorgeous. What a lovely image to have framed. Best wishes with your surgery.

  2. The print looks magnificent and you are indeed fortunate to have such a supporter. You asked for suggestions, so here goes: Give strong consideration to working in RAW. The JPEG process is a compression routine that essentially eliminates a lot of the information you have captured with your camera. When that information is gone, it cannot be retrieved. In other words, you have surrendered some of your creative control to a mathematical formula that makes assumptions about what was intended when the picture was taken.

    Hope the surgery goes well and best of luck with the new system.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Robin – I do all my image processing in RAW in Lightroom – its only when I have edited it and then are using it in the creative side of things in PS that I use a jpg of that processed image to work with. Does that make sense?

  3. How fantastic to have such a fantastic supporter 🙂 It’s a great workspace! There’s nothing better than seeing your work in large print 😀 Good luck with the surgery and I wish you a very speedy recovery! Just a thought, you may want to start using RAW set at AdobeRGB if you want to make the most of the new setup. Yes, it uses more memory but the details and colour are much better, especially for digital painting to retain the clarity of the original.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Sarah, yes it is wonderful to have a supporter and to see my work in print. Yes hoping for a good recovery, its normally 6 weeks so not sure if it will be speedy 🙂

      From what I have been reading Lightroom uses the ProPhoto colour space by default apparently. I do all my image editing in that and then bring the jpg into PS for the creative stuff.

      • I hope you’re well enough to be passing time having fun with some editing in the not too distant future! Art is my lifeline when I’m not well enough to be out and about. My last big operation was in summer 2011 and having long, warm, sunny days really helped my recovery too! Just sitting on the bench in the garden for a while was a real tonic 🙂
        I do most of my work in Lightroom too but if I really want to create something very detailed then I use RAW and edit first in Adobe Camera Raw which is almost identical to Lightroom itself. I get a much bigger file to work on afterwards in PS and whatever else I choose so even with multiple filters I don’t lose anywhere near as much data and, therefore, detail.

      • lensaddiction says:

        I really hope so too, it will depend if I can sit for long enough periods comfortably. I still have LOTS of Tasmania shots to work through as well as my PS course videos. Plenty to keep me occupied.

      • I was born in Burnie!! Would so love to go back one day to see where we lived. I got my first laptop so I could still do a bit of work from bed, resting after my op. It was a good distraction 🙂

      • lensaddiction says:

        I didn’t make it to Burnie I don’t thing – I loved Tasmania and would happily go back again 🙂

        I have a laptop and an ipad – Im having abdominal surgery so the laptop probably won’t be a goer 🙂

      • I have Crohn’s so totally understand about abdominal surgery! Yes, the iPad will be really good 🙂 Physios have always got me mobile as quick as possible as lots of gentle walking really helps in recovery. I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way! Hopefully you won’t be in hospital for too long.

      • lensaddiction says:

        Oh yes you would totally understand 🙂 Im expecting to be in 1-2 nights

      • Hope it goes as planned and it is just a couple of nights max!! Laparoscopy means shorter stay and faster recovery which is a positive at least 🙂

      • lensaddiction says:

        Yes I have had two laps already, it’s still going to be rough as this is major surgery

      • Oh I know!! They do like to rummage around inside 😮 My first major op was before many surgeons could do ostomies with laparoscopy so I’ve been stuck having the bigger incision ever since. I have asked them to just put in a zip 😉 My good friend is having a lap on the 15th. Her first time 😦 We’ve been trying to explain to her 4yr old son why he won’t be able to launch himself at mummy after her op! She’s really worried about looking after the kids during her recovery. Hopefully her brother can stay with them for a while to help out and distract the kids! Hope you have lots of support too so you can rest as much as you need and recover in your own time x

  4. Lucky you. That photo is amazing. When I got my new computer this year my son came with me and looked on line for colour calibration so that I could get the best computer to suit photography. He helped to pay for it. Look online for colour calibration websites and you can see what your colours come out like.
    Good luck with your surgery.

  5. Print looks gorgeous, lucky you to have such a fabulous supporter. Kit looks cool. I hope your surgery all goes well…..good luck

  6. leecleland says:

    Awesome, amazing print, at that size it must look fantastic! Hope the surgery goes well and the recovery is quicker than expected.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Lee, it was unexpectedly huge but hopefully framed it will make a real statement, its an experiment to go in an upcoming exhibition so we will see if someone likes it enough to pay $$$

  7. Robyn G says:

    Hi Stacey – your print looks gorgeous!! ..and congrats on the supporter and the setup 😃
    Some Print places use CMYK for printing. CMYK used to be for paper (and surface) prints and RGB was digital.
    Wherever you’re getting your printing done, check out which Colour setup they use or require. The colours do change slightly (or more?) when switched from one to another. I have had prints done at places that use one or the other. It can be set in PS and probably LR too.
    Food for thought and some research for you xx Enjoy 😃

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