Visiting the Archives – Tiger Cub Melbourne Zoo 2010

Taking some time to revisit my archives and look through the images I am yet to process and I have a selection of these delightful tiger cubs I took at Melbourne Zoo back in 2010.

When they were taken the lighting was very dark – lots of trees causing dark shadows and only the occasional beam of sunlight.Β  Now the software has improved, as have my editing skills.Β  Because I shoot in RAW I was able to use Lightroom to process and enhance this image appropriately.

Two cubs have just wrestled and one gone in underneath the large wooden structure to the left, this one is soon to follow but I managed to capture him in a brief moment of stillness and an obliging beam of sunlight πŸ™‚

Processed entirely in LR 6.

I love the rich colour to his fur and the intricate stripe pattern – his fur still has a fluffy baby softness to it.

Spent at least an hour watching the three cubs and their mother play in the late afternoon sunlight πŸ™‚


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2 Responses to Visiting the Archives – Tiger Cub Melbourne Zoo 2010

  1. Gorgeous – love the colours – so rich

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