More Lightroom Experiments

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Behind my house is a shaded courtyard area paved with cobblestones, and lots of weeds grow in the cracks, and also some flowers and a self sown patch of wild strawberries!

I went out with my macro lens the other day to practice using it and also using manual focus – always hard but even harder on small subjects (plus added difficulty of a breeze too)

So I was happy to get this shot and took it into Lightroom for editing and couldn’t resist playing with my Kim Klassen presets – this is Dark Mood and I really like the washed out but still strong blue colour, it feels faded and vintage and shows up the tiny textural details in the petals nicely.

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Here is the more traditional colour version – by deliberately choosing to shoot in the shade, the colour is not washed out by bright sunlight and is nice and deep.  This time round I remembered to add a vignette too 🙂

Both images edited only in LR using LR sliders and some presets – the Creative BW course has been worth the fee just with giving me the knowledge and skill and better yet the understanding of how to use LR in a more creative manner.

Do you like the artistic faded version or prefer the more natural one?


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11 Responses to More Lightroom Experiments

  1. woldham says:

    I like the embiggen image better.

  2. Sue says:

    What is maddening about modern cameras for manual focusing is that you no longer have the split circle in the centre of the focusing screen (don’t recall what it was called) – made life loads easier…..

    • lensaddiction says:

      I’ve never had that in my experience, its hard because I had to use live view as well, and my eye sight isnt as good as it used to be – perils of getting old – so I can’t be sure if its in focus til I check it on the computer screen

  3. green_knight says:

    I love the top one – it has a vintage feel about it without being twee. (I disliked the instagram aesthetic when my own photos faded to those colours; I hate it even more now that people can avoid it.)

  4. I love all the details in the top image but the second one is so soft and romantic. The vignette slider is great in Lightroom.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Actually I don’t use the vignette slider, I got some presets that have a really good range of vignettes in them and I use those as it gives me a lot of consistency
      And for the more challenging ones I use the radial tool as I can do off center or just one edge or corner really easily

  5. I enjoy the veins in the petals of the muted image, but also enjoy the yellow in the natural image.


    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes the loss of the yellow in the main flower was a bit odd, I think cos its a paler shade it got lost in the translation

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