Fanfare Sculpture

Apparently this is New Zealands largest piece of art created – its 20m diameter, and each fan (which do spin in the wind) are 1.5m across.   It was originally installed in Australia and now finds itself just north of Christchurch beside the motorway.

I have been advised at night time it is lit with coloured lights, and I may well venture along with my camera to capture that in winter 🙂   – some more info

Click to embiggen

Such a strong structural statement was so well suited for a BW process and I had a lot of fun working the sliders in LR before experimenting with some presets to get a strong image.  For the one above I really wanted to highlight the razor wire surrounding the leg and all the lines radiating away from that mid point.

It is held up with three legs, all surrounded at the top by a decoration of razor wire.

While I have driven past this sculpture many times, it has almost always been for work and I never had my camera with me, so I made an extra effort to stop and capture this wonderful creation.

Click to embiggen

Had to time it carefully so there were no cars in the background 🙂  It was fairly windy at the time so several of the fans were spinning which was quite delightful.

I am glad that I was finally able to stop and view this sculpture and make some images to record it, especially as it is so close to the city.

Sometimes I forget to just explore what we have here, and with Christchurch changing so much, there is always a new vista to see.



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6 Responses to Fanfare Sculpture

  1. John says:

    Great photo and sculpture, well done! 👍❤️

  2. desleyjane says:

    Fabulous. What a great sculpture and beautifully captured. So hard to avoid cars in the background.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, there are two different roads in the background but traffic was reasonably light, so I got some clean shots, had to walk around a bit for the best angle tho 🙂

  3. Great sculpture and love how the monochrome really brings out the details more clearly

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