Easter Still Life

Its Easter here in NZ and while I have avoided the temptation to indulge in too much chocolate, I was seduced to purchase some bits and bobs for my still life experiments.  This cute little nest with three eggs, a twig and some feathers was irresistable and so apropos for the season.

The LED lights were another purchase, I saw them in a shop window and my brain had hiccups which ultimately resulted in this image.

It is difficult to do a self portrait of your own hands when you need one of them to focus and press the shutter.  Thank goodness my camera has a 10 sec timer.

I should add that this is partially inspired but the wonderful work I am seeing in the Brooke Shaden 30 Days of Creativitiy Challenge.  Due to my unexpectedly busy workload I have been unable to participate much at all, but have been enjoying all the wonderful images.  Brooke uses herself in many of her images, and that has been a theme with much of the work I see.  It has been surprising the really clever ideas and concepts people have come up with and I am slowly working towards setting up where I can experiment using more of myself as the model in an image.

Hope you all have a great Easter, whenever and however you celebrate it!


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16 Responses to Easter Still Life

  1. Sue says:

    Wonderful image! Kudos for the set-up

  2. Sue says:

    Oh, and have a lovely Easter!! 🐇🌾

  3. leecleland says:

    Well done Stacey. I know how hard self focusing can be and for that reason try to do it as little as possible. The concept and execution of this shot is lovely, and subtle in it’s message.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Its funny how you say the message is subtle, I never specifically have a message to send, only an idea of an image I want to create or can create given the tools I have at hand.

      • leecleland says:

        Maybe it was subliminal with Easter. But I see eggs (associated with Easter for all sorts of reasons), new life and offerings. I guess we bring to the image all our own thoughts and memories and often put things into them that were not intentional. I still like it very much 🙂

      • lensaddiction says:

        I guess a good image will provide you with a concept that inspires you to make those connections?

      • leecleland says:

        Yes I would agree with that thought Stacey (are you the Stacey with the ‘e’ as I follow two of you and one doesn’t have that ‘e’, sorry) and this IS a good image.

      • lensaddiction says:

        Yes I am the Other Stacey with the E – not Stacy Fisher in the US

      • leecleland says:

        Thanks Stacey, I’ll try and remember 🙂

  4. desleyjane says:

    Wonderful shot and happy Easter!

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