Taylors Mistake Long Exposure

I attended an Advanced Landscape Photography Workshop over the weekend, and we spent some time on these rocks.  Given I had my Lee Big Stopper 10 stop filter with me, I decided to take it for a spin as the waves were coming well up over the rocks and swirling around nicely.

This was a 13 second exposure, late afternoon in partial shade.  The rocks were covered in tiny mussels or similar shellfish which is all the black spots in the foreground.  Edited in LR to a BW conversion.

I wanted to have a little more texture and a little less foamy smoke effect but I quite like how it came out in the end.  I do like how the swirls around the rocks lead your eye up the center of the image.

I crunched the blacks a tad in post processing, but I liked the touch of drama it added so left it in.

What do you think?  Is this style of long exposure done to death already or do you like it?


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6 Responses to Taylors Mistake Long Exposure

  1. Sue says:

    I do like it, but might I say, I would prefer it cropped to the horizon line, remove the distracting sky and part of a hill…… 😀

  2. I love it – actually I prefer to have the top part on as it shows where it is. Great work. I would love to experiment with long exposures – one day.

  3. wow, I love the detail in the front, I could not see all that detail in Facebook……….I hate it when FB does that; I liked it before, but it is super cool now, before the rocks were so much darker.

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