Waterfall on the Milford Sound Road

Last year I went to Te Anau to visit my friend P and her family.  She now lives 7 hours drive from me so its a bit of a mission, but she also now lives in the heart of some of the most scenic parts of the country.  So no hardship to make the trip either.

Because she is the dearest of friends and understands I am quite attached to my camera, she planned a day visiting spots along the Milford Sound road. This was an unnamed waterfall along the way and yes the water REALLY is that green colour!

Taken leaning against a slightly rickety bridge rail with the camera on a tripod, and I am leaning against the tripod to stop it all toppling over, with my variable ND filter on to get some nice movement in the water.

Not entirely sure the wide angle was the right choice but I needed it to get everything in the scene.  Knowing what I know now, I should have shot another image above it and stacked it to give it more height and context.

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8 Responses to Waterfall on the Milford Sound Road

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I think the wide angle did a great job, I love what you got, I really the green water too, really nice.

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks Leanne, yes the green water is cool. Other places I saw blue water and elsewhere up the West Coast its very dark brown due to organic tannins

  2. leecleland says:

    Wide angle looks good but yes more (if there was more) of the waterfall on top of this would have made a stunning image. The green water is just glorious!

    • lensaddiction says:

      There wasnt really much of interest above it which is why I shot at the angle I did, but it might have balanced it out a bit better

  3. I love what you have Stacey – that green water is stunning and is really the focus of the image

  4. Matt Korinek says:

    Beautiful image. I like the triangular shape of the green water and the silky cascade.

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