Touring Tasmania – Hobart from Mt Wellington

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Mt Wellington is a huge presence that towers over Hobart and you can drive a reasonable distance up it.  My last day in Hobart I was hoping for clear skies but there was a lot of patchy low hanging cloud instead.  Still I made the trip up in my tiny little rental car.

You drive up the bottom slopes which are covered in residential housing and you keep going up and up and then there is a sign saying Mt Wellington Lookout 12 km.

That 12 km was the scariest, most hair raising drive I have ever done in my entire life.  The road climbs up the side of the mountain with a sheer drop on one side and solid rock wall on the other and it gets narrower and narrower AND NARROWER!!

Its two way and the big SUV were barrelling down taking up all the road, and I put my tiny little car nearly in the gutter trying to avoid them.  I saw one accident on my way up which surprised me that there was only one.

The hairpin curves were the worst, as they were even narrower and covered in forest so you couldn’t see anyone coming.  Honestly if there had been somewhere to pull over and turn around I would have, but instead you have to keep going up.

It was very popular so I stopped at a small park just before the top where there was a parking space, and walked to the side of the road – there wasn’t space to setup my tripod so this is hand held – if I had the choice I would have put my Lee filters on, but needed the tripod to do that.

Still the view was pretty impressive though I would have enjoyed it more had there been a more pleasant drive on the way down!


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