Now is your chance to join AWAKE

For those of you who have followed my journey down the path of creativity with Photoshop, a large part of that learning has come from the AWAKE course I signed up for a year ago.  You only have two chances a year to join up, so good news, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

More information including a video explaining it is here

For those of you who have forgotten about me because I have hardly posted lately, that was because I was finishing my research thesis for the study I have been doing part time (as well as working full time) for the last 3 1/2 years

So here is the final tally of my efforts:

Work Readiness paper 92%
Research Brief 90%
Research Project 90%
Presentation 90%

Still have to get a final moderated mark, and have weightings applied, but the outlook is looking good for an A!

Glad I did it but more glad its over right now – more time for the fun stuff like AWAKE 🙂

My treat for finally finishing was purchasing two Brooke Shaden classes on Creative Live – originally planned on getting one but then they offered me the second one for less than half price…….so of course I bought it too.  Fine Art Portraits and Fine Art Compositing are now where I am spending my spare time, watching videos and writing pages of notes.



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2 Responses to Now is your chance to join AWAKE

  1. Congratulations Stacey. Well done. I look forward to seeing more of your work

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