White Wall Challenge

On Brooke Shaden’s Creativity FB group she posted the White Wall Challenge – find a white wall and use it as your backdrop.

My spare room is all white walls with a built in wardrobe at one end.  Turns out the long narrow shape is a bit TOO narrow to shoot across it and get all of me in, and shooting at an angle was just not working.

So move to the other end where the wardrobe is, benefit that the light is falling directly and evenly on that corner. Set up my camera on the tripod, turn on the wireless remote and shoot away.

Also I bought a wig, and this was my first time wearing it in a shoot!

Learned a lot from this shoot – learned how to switch from instant shot to 3 sec delay on my remote!  Learned that switching from portrait to landscape means you still have to reposition the camera especially if you are doing low down shots with lots of fabric in the foreground (I got LOTS all cut off in several image ).  Also discovered I have unelegant wrists!

Still getting to grips with editing the Shaden way, several curves layers, a colour fill layer and some textures to finish off.  Annoyed that I forgot to add a vignette but with the dark floor, not entirely sure if it needs it.

Very different style for me, do you like it?  Too arty?  Not arty enough?


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11 Responses to White Wall Challenge

  1. Prior-2001 says:

    It is definitely artsy – and it is one of those pics that leaves me – um – perplexed is the word – and it feels like a story prompt photo in a way – hmmmm

  2. Sue says:

    Defo artsy, but this set-up has me thinking asylum and escape…..

  3. I agree with Sue. Definitely artsy and think of distopian asylum or something like that

  4. I agree with the artsy asylum, but I wonder if perhaps with the legs cut off it could have an element of dirt of water brought in over the floor? And even though I like the text overlay, it doesn’t feel very Brooke (and that is not a bad thing). Also just another thought if you used a blank shot and replaced the wardrobe with a replica of the blank wall, she would look more trapped?

    • Yes I thought about doing something with the floor but I don’t have any shots of dirt – I need to build up my library in a completely different way now for creating images to composite with!

      The text overlay is my personal touch, I felt it had a lot of empty space up top that needed something to balance out the visual weight of the dark floor.

      I have a blank shot of the wall, it never occured to me to put it there instead of the wardrobe, and the angles are such that its probably more problematic for me to put it in there ie my PS skills for perspective warp etc arent that good LOL

      Basically have spend the last 3 weeks watching ONLY the first two days of one course and was having all these ideas but feeling hesitant about having a go without having watched EVERYTHING! So instead I just decided to have a go, and it was good, lots of learnings about the limitations of my space, and camera angles etc.

      • I know what you mean, sometimes you just want to jump in, and I think adding your own personal touch is a good thing, perhaps you could spend a bit of time playing with the warp tool in PS, I think Brooke mentions using it in a few of her tutorials, not sure exactly which ones you are doing. I find I get an over excited imagination when I watch Brooke work……….so many ideas and not enough time lol. I still think the image is quite powerful. Library of ‘stuff’ it’s a never ending list, but it is good to start somewhere I have so much ‘stuff’ but it does remind me I need some dirt shots also!

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