Dark Illusions

Inspired by an image seen on Pinterest, my project for this weekend was to recreate this image.  (Click on any image to see a larger version)

Turned out to be more challenging than expected, initially planned to use my 100mm macro lens but for that to really work I needed a MUCH longer wall space, to get all the parts of the image in view.

So switched over to my trusty 17-55, carefully leaned my tripod hard up against the wall (two short legs and one long one being the prop), set the manual focus point where the hand would be and prepared the set.

A reasonable amount of editing in PS – three grunge layers added to give that really gritty feel I wanted this image to have.  My particular favourite bit is the two droplets of blood falling off my hand and I liked the pose the most in this one.

Blurred the background a lot to give that feeling of a narrower DOF as well, I liked that feel a lot better.

This is a different variation that feels….. more ominous… to me.  Whose is the hand? What have they done?  Where are they going next?

Which one of the two images speak to you more?  Why? Whats the story you see here?

All comments and feedback welcome 🙂



About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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2 Responses to Dark Illusions

  1. I really love the cropped version. Very dramatic and tells a story

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