Conceptual Self Portrait – Celebrating Spring

This image was the culmination of many firsts today.  It was the first time I went outside to shoot my self portrait persona.  Teddy makes his debut as my companion.  Many new and interesting mistakes were made for the first time shooting in a different environment.

Spring is happening all over the city, and trees are coming into blossom.  I found this pink magnolia in the new Green Zone – a large area of the city that had all the houses demolished and returned to grass after the earthquakes.  The nice thing is, they left all the mature trees so there is a large grassed area with many trees, perfect for taking the camera out into.

It was very windy and as a result I had trouble blending the top of the tree in.  I also didn’t shoot enough filler images, so this is smaller than originally intended.  Today was also freezing cold and windy but with lots of dull overcast light that made it perfect for shooting.

Just after I got setup and was starting my posing I was interrupted by a couple of women – turns out they were on a Father’s Day Scavenger hunt and needed an image for Spring, and they wanted a shot of me in a pose LOL!  So I obliged and they went away and I carried on.


pink magnolia me-3057

Processing Steps:

1.  Edit images in LR

2.  Bring images into PS and layer section of tree in and blend with masking

3.  Crop to final size (after MUCH mucking about)

4.  Change hair colour

5.  Darken bear colour

6.  Change colour of images using lots of different curves layers

7.  Add a vignette

8.  Add a layer from Topaz Impression and blend in slightly

9.  Tweak curves and colours a bit more

10.  Add a texture layer

I added more yellow to this image to give it a vintage feel, the overall pink tone to reflect the pink of the flowers.  A very different style of processing for me.

Like it?  Don’t like it?  Got any ideas or tips to share?  All feedback welcome 🙂

Just for DesleyJane – some other edit variations using some PS Actions – you can see them all here along with the original for comparison

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13 Responses to Conceptual Self Portrait – Celebrating Spring

  1. loisajay says:

    An amazing shot, Stacy. I like it…and Teddy, too!

  2. I love your editing. It really adds a nostalgic tone to the image. It has been rather warm up here, but yesterday afternoon it turned really cold. Hopefully today will be warmer.

  3. desleyjane says:

    Nostalgic is the perfect word for it. It’s a lovely shot. I’d love to see it with dreamy, creamy, ethereal tones.

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