Under A Full Moon

Last Saturday as I was driving home from my Graduation celebration dinner (graduated on the previous Friday) I saw an odd thing at the far end of the straight road I was driving along.

Eventually I realised it was a large golden full moon just rising above the horizon in the distance.  It was possible it would be lining up with a local pile of rocks called Shag Rock (or now Shag Pile as it got broken in the earthquakes) and could make for a nice image.

Grabbed my camera gear and tripod, checked the angles on TPE and the tide times, before bundling myself into a jacket and zooming the short distance from my house to the beach.

Rather surprised to find myself the only photographer on the beach (it was a chilly evening), made my way down to the beach and got setup for some test images.

By now it was very dark, and except for some streetlights and the occasional car headlight as it turned the sharp corner behind me, it was so dark I couldn’t see the controls on my camera.  At this point, my headlamp would have been handy but it was missing from my camera backpack – note to self – put everything back where you got it after each outing!

Took some test shots, and a long exposure seemed to be the best bet.  Both of these images were just over 1 minute exposures which made the moon glow like bright daylight instead.

Framed up both images to capture the moon trail on the water and add depth and interest to the image.

A black and white conversion added the textural interest and drama and further dept and interest.

I have never taken long exposure images of a full moon before.  My suspicion is a blended exposure would capture the moon looking more moonlike, and allow the long exposure on the ground part to happen.  Something else I haven’t tried to do either!

Any tips, tricks or feedback welcome!

Click on either image for a larger view.


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11 Responses to Under A Full Moon

  1. loisajay says:

    With all the obstacles you were working with, I think the photos came out beautifully.

  2. Congratulations on your graduation! Lovely mood to the images 🙂 This is a technique I’ve been trying out too and it’s not easy! A full moon is very bright. Combined exposures are definitely the way to go.

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