Gerbera Still Life Scenes

Seeing as I still had the Gerbera flowers, tonight’s exercise was to experiment more with a structured still life scene, rather than just a flower portrait.

Personally this is really challenging, not just having the right props but building an aesthetically pleasing scene is much more difficult than expected.  Examples I have seen on line tend to go really close and keep it very simple, have some form of base texture (here its the music book) and depending on the angle, a background that doesnt intrude but still adds value (more of the book here – I tilted it up to achieve that).  The focal point (gerbera) and some other element to tie them together (the haematite necklace – I wanted pearls but I don’t own any!)

Compare the first image to this one, and it is nice, but feels like it is missing something.  That is the bit I get stuck on  – what exactly is it missing?

Also experimented with angles and depth of field – having to manually focus on the beads at the front  – this image above has some blue satin which now that I see it, might have been better without it?

This is actually where I started, with a large piece of dark blue satin, and another necklace, but when I see the images, it doesn’t work for me.

My favourite ended up being the top image, I think it has all the elements needed to work as a cohesive image.

Do you agree?  If not why?  Which other image would be your choice?

Any tips or suggestions also welcome!


I updated Topaz Texture Effects and decided to have a play and I made this variation – I like how the colour toning is now much more consistent and the touch of grunge adds some interest and age.




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15 Responses to Gerbera Still Life Scenes

  1. loisajay says:

    The first photo is my favorite, but what you did with it–that is my favorite! Pearls and pink….you cannot beat that.

  2. Ray Yanek says:

    I also loved the first photo. There was something about the contrast of the pink with the dark ink and chain. I loved the edit as well, but it almost blends too much maybe? All around beautiful work though.

  3. Cee Neuner says:

    I like the top one too. They are all pretty though.

  4. Patricia Mark says:

    Beautifully done. I liked hearing your steps and how you experimented.

  5. leecleland says:

    Like the first one best, the one done in Topaz makes the flower too pale for my liking. Again the limited DOF really works in these setups.

  6. I do think the filter you added makes it a better image.

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