Abandoned Teddy

My latest concept is to try and tell more of a story in my images, and to help me with that is my new friend Teddy.

Teddy and I went to Ferrymead Heritage Park today after work when the light was just right for doing a composite image that I had in mind.  They have given me permission to shoot there after hours (in exchange for a small fee) and after I did the composite stuff I took time to shoot more creatively.

Here Teddy is propped up on the tracks, wedged against a handy weed I found growing there.  To complete the aged and abandoned feeling, I changed the image to BW, toned it with sepia, added some dust and scratched and age spots to the image, finishing it off with a scratched up frame.

The story I am trying to tell is of sadness, abandonment, loss, of time past and better days.

What story does it tell you?



About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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8 Responses to Abandoned Teddy

  1. Ajay Goel says:

    Beautifully executed. Although along with pathos, the subject evokes a cuddly feel too 🙂

  2. Purple People Breeder says:

    great photo. I instantly thought about a little boy crying for his lost teddy.

  3. green_knight says:

    The grunge texture does not work for me – too pixelated in the top right corner, but I absolutely adore the focus – it’s spot on!

  4. freddie says:

    Is that Ted?

  5. Honestly, I worry about the safety of the child losing something this close to the rail lines.

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