Night Scented Stock Still Life

I was supposed to go away this weekend but felt like I was coming down with a cold on Friday so didn’t go.  Instead had a quiet weekend running errands and indulging in some still life photography.

This weeks star is some gorgeous white night scented stock, absolutely divine fragrance, delicate white petals and soft green buds.

One of my errands was to look for some new props to use in my still life arrangements, and this lovely old book was acquired yesterday.  Its very torn and well used around the corners and the edges of the pages are finished with a wonderful marble pattern.

Also new is this fabulous small crate and the scissors.  Had the scissors for a while but put them away in a safe place and forgot about them LOL.  The crate was found in a fancy furniture store that was having a sale, not a place I would normally shop in so very pleased I took the chance for a quick wander.

Yesterday I shot against the window to get the nice white background that comes out well with this soft hazy look.  Not sure if its my camera or the nifty fifty lens but these images came out very grainy and a bit soft so I exaggerated that in the processing for a soft retro look.

Still finding my way with staging the scene, pretty happy with the above look, I just wrapped the linen around the jar that was holding the flowers, I like the soft folds of fabric adding texture and interest and softness.

The images shot with the crate had the light behind me and even though the ISO was still set at 400 the grain seems to be a bit better.  I did change the lens as well.  Will have to experiment further, I like the nifty fifty but would prefer less grain in these images.

Finally got the 100mm F2.8 IS L Macro lens out for a play after spraying the flowers with water.  The abstract look of this is appealing, and the lovely spots of water add an extra dimension to this.  It has been finished off with a texture.

Shooting against the wall gives a slightly darker background but with these soft white flowers I prefer it has some depth to show them off.

All images processed with Kim Klassen presets and some also have some of her textures added.  I also treated myself to the My Still Sunday Preset series for my birthday and have enjoyed those a lot.  They are subtly different to the Studio series and very adaptable.

Lots of different styles of images here, both in composition and processing.  I like them all for different reasons.

Which ones appeal to you?  Why?


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5 Responses to Night Scented Stock Still Life

  1. Sue says:

    Love the contrast of the gentle flowers with the old crate

  2. Linda Austin says:

    I like them all. The book and the bouquet is my favorite there is great contrast of dark and light. Is the table decoupaged?

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