Before and After Edit

This is a Paeony shot around Xmas time, this time its been edited with some new Kim Klassen presets and had a couple of textures added as well.

I wanted to show the vast difference these presets make.  Some people will like them and some won’t but with a click of a button, you can make an image completely different and I really enjoy experimenting with the different effects.

It is much quicker to have an interesting place to start from and tweak from there.

This second image is the completely untouched raw file from the above image, not cropped, and no processing has been applied – yes the flower really was this bright crimson colour and its a pretty good exposure, all things being equal.

For me the edit brings a different feel to the image, adds drama, highlights the structure of the petals, changes the mood and the focus of the image, makes the flower look almost sculptural.

The texture gives subtle interest, something for the eye to rest on as it travels around the image.

Does the edited image work for you? What story does it tell you?


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12 Responses to Before and After Edit

  1. Beautiful image…

    Brilliant post processing 🙂

    Really worth the effort 🙂

  2. loisajay says:

    Wow. The editing makes all the difference for me. Beautiful job, Stacey.

  3. lauramacky says:

    Really nicely edited!

  4. I love the almost painterly dreamlike feel that some of Kim’s presets give an image, takes it from an ordinary shot to something other worldly (well almost) and then we can tweak them from there to make the most amazing images…………….just like yours, very pretty

  5. leecleland says:

    The editing/preset used really makes this image. I can digest the beautiful edges of the flower without getting lost in the harsh colour of the original. Lovely.

    • How wonderfully you put this 🙂 Yes the original colour is quite in your face! I do really like how this processing completely brings the focus to the edges of the petals in an entirely different way to the original

  6. Love this work! The edited image has something about a lazy Sunday afteroon on the living room table with a coffee and a book ….

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