My Second Article for DPS – Lightroom Radial Filter Tool

radialfilterpaneltigervignettebeginning-7Still auditioning to write for DPS, they wanted my second article to be a Tutorial, to see how well I can explain complex concepts.  I chose the Radial Filter Tool in Lightroom as it is one of the most useful features, but one not as widely known as it should be.

Lightroom’s Secret Weapon – The Radial Filter Tool

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For anyone who wants to give their image that extra level of polish and finish beyond the standard global adjustments.  Especially useful for anyone who doesn’t have or want to use Photoshop to achieve similar results – get a much better result out of Lightroom with the help of this tool.

Did you already know about the Radial Filter tool?  Do you use it?



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2 Responses to My Second Article for DPS – Lightroom Radial Filter Tool

  1. katieprior says:

    Very clear and easy to follow explanation Stacey. My “go-to” in LR is the adjustment brush and I’d forgotten how useful the radial tool can be, I’m off now to create a custom “moveable” vignette! Nicely written article, good luck with the DPS audition. 🙂

    • Thanks Katie – I use the Adjustment brush a bit, but I get a bit frustrated when it doesn’t flow evenly in larger areas. You can get lighter and darker areas of application whereas the Radial Filter is more consistent. That works better for me, tho I still use the adj brush for those hard to reach corners 🙂

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