Luscious Lime Green Viburnum

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While out on my walk in the weekend, saw a large gorgeous Viburnum in full flower, showing off stunning lime green blooms.  I am a big fan of lime green flowers for some reason, so knocked on the door of the house and asked if it was OK to pick some and take home.  The lady kindly offered me some secateurs to cut them and away I carried my prize!

Tried several different arrangements and wasn’t happy with them til I lay them down on the paper and had several blooms within the focal length, throwing the rest into a soft blur.

Adding a sense of depth and scale is one of the things I struggle with in still life arrangements, so was REALLY happy with this image – we have the lovely blooms, some leaf texture for added interest, the paper and handwriting, and finally the very soft blurred crate in the background with loads of depth.

Processed in LR with a dark moody preset – it has desaturated the colour a lot but I really like the softer muted tones here.

To show the difference in colour – here is the unedited original RAW file for comparison.

lime-green-original-raw-3754OMG!! Love that incredible colour!!

Big change in the editing process here – Do you love it?  Prefer a more natural colour?  Tell me about it!


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10 Responses to Luscious Lime Green Viburnum

  1. green_knight says:

    I adore the raw colour and would love to see what you do on that colour spectrum. All of your recent flower compositions have been very similar in tone and feel – as a set of six or eight, I think they will work, but I’d say it’s time for you to move on – this is something you do very well. What _else_ can you do with these flowers?

    • I appreciate the feedback, and its nice to know that I am on the right track with these images. I started some Still Life courses at the beginning of the year, and this is me trying to get a handle on the techniques. Am still not 100% happy but am getting closer to my vision. Behind the scenes I am working on preparing images to upload to a new portofolio site that is linked into a printing service – so I will be able to SELL images from that site.

      As a result I am trying to build up a body of commercially appealing and viable work to balance out the weird and wonderful thats more likely to have a niche appeal.

      So there will be more of these style of images, but you are right, its time to change up the staging.

  2. Beautiful colour hues Stacey

  3. Meg says:

    Are you absolutely positive that’s a viburnum and not a hydrangea?

  4. I love the dark and moody desaturated look as well. The SOOC green is quite interesting, but I love a muted look. DOF is nice and soft as well, adding to the feel of the piece. Well done on asking for what you want as well. I had a similar experience just recently, felt very proud of myself, 12 months ago I would never have just asked……too shy.

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