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watercolour-cognacOne of the things I find I cannot do well, not being a painter at all, is use Photoshop to do a really good watercolour effect.

Today on FB I saw an excellent image that had been done with an app (for IOS and Win 10 only) called Waterlogue – small price tag but thought it worth investing in for experimentation.

Still figuring out the best images to use – there are several different presets and you can adjust the amount of detail but no fine tweaking ability at this stage.

This is a watercolour of Cognac – the original (below) was originally taken using my iPad.  There is quite a lot of detail, and I like the soft watery transitions with the colours from dark to light.  There is enough detail so you know what you are looking at.

cognac-ipad-originalIts my first time trying to do art with an app, will be interesting to see how I can incorporate these watercolour pieces into my work flow.

Do you use apps?  Have any favourites to recommend?


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3 Responses to Waterlogue App

  1. green_knight says:

    if you have an iPhone – don’t know whether it’ll run on iPad as well – you should totally download Prisma. Ursula Vernon recommended it, which made me run to the AppStore in two seconds flat, and it is totally amazing – using machine learning to manipulate images, taking colour schemes and textures from original paintings, so not your standard filters at all. I love it in part because it shows you where you *could* take an image.


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