Yes There Really Are Green Eggs

Yesterday I pulled out this tray of lovely green eggs laid by some Arancuna chickens …… and they were so pretty, I put them back until today, when I took photos of them instead LOL

Experimenting with different angles and focal lengths here to try and get up close and personal and really “feel” the eggness.

I buy some organically raised farm eggs from a co worker and in her last lot of eggs I got a lovely fluffy feather, so included that as my stunt feather for the shoot LOL

Learning from my shoot yesterday, today I invested in some grey linen clothes, to give more substance and texture to the base/background of my images.  I should probably iron them tho….

The image above is pretty close to the real colour of the eggs – quite distinctly green.  I haven’t yet cracked one open so no idea what colour they are on the inside yet!

Finally a slightly softer muted look with a very slight texture added.

YAY a break from the flowers!  This shoot was more about textures and angles and depth of field  – trying to see and use everyday objects in a different way.  Yet make them artistic and appealing too.

Got to use my adorable little egg crate for the first time too 🙂

Edited with more of a dramatic approach rather than the soft airy one used for the flowers – does it work for you?


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5 Responses to Yes There Really Are Green Eggs

  1. loisajay says:

    I think these are beautiful. The cardboard egg carton, feather, and linen (don’t iron linen!) all contribute to the softness of these photos. That contrasted with the hard shell makes these just lovely. At least that is my opinion!

  2. Robyn G says:

    I feel the eggless and love all those points of view and wonderful textures!!

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