Pomegranates are a rare and unusual fruit for NZ and expensive too – this one cost me $8!!

I had intentions on taking several photos of the whole fruit, then breaking it open to shoot the lovely shiny seeds, but when I opened it, the inside was completely mouldy – anyone know how to tell when a pomegranate is properly ripe?

This image was setup in my dark still life studio, I have some new props to share with you, found some wonderful pieces of flat slate which is a dark grey matte stone with enough texture to be interesting as a background.

Also my shiny silver spoon of very pleasing shape and curves.  Not all cutlery is created equal when it comes to aesthetic design, I have discovered 🙂

There were several issues when I processed this image – despite having several layers of material over the window to soften the light, there is the very bright highlight area on the fruit, plus a shiny reflection from the bowl of the spoon on the back of the fruit.  The pomegranate had many blemishes on the skin as well.

This is the original image after being edited in LR – its had a Kim Klassen preset applied and a vignette in the corners and overall I just wanted to tone it down a bit.

So the image at the top of the page has been run through Topaz Impression 2 for a painterly finish, and then I have added a couple of 2LO texture over the top, just to add a bit more painterly depth to it.

I have tried to go for an old master still life effect – Does the painted finish work for you?

All feedback and comments welcome.


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5 Responses to Pomegranate

  1. loisajay says:

    The painted finish is beautiful, Stacey. Reminds me of the Flemish Old Masters paintings. Lovely.

  2. Meg says:

    For $8 it ought to have been perfectly ripe!

  3. TheHairy1 says:

    I like the painted finish. It’s the better of the two I my view.

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