iPad App Art Is Surprisingly Good

taz-mosaicSo after my last post about Waterlogue, a watercolour app that I trialled on my iPad – was recommended to try out Prisma as well.

It very much depends on the image to get the best out of these apps I think, Prisma has LOTS of choices but you get one click and no other way to edit them.ย  It also puts the logo on each image which is a bit intrusive – maybe you can pay to get rid of it?

Here is the same image of Taz, my seal point Birman boy sniffing wisteria on my fence – this time done in Waterlogue.ย  I really like the very watercolour like finish you get in this app.ย  Its frustrating because the limit of the image file is such you cannot output really big files for print ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Here are a couple of slideshows showing off different effects for Prisma – one for a portrait shot of Cognac and one for Taz.

I am surprised at the variety and at the detail and effectiveness of these apps – do you have any favourite apps you use for working with images?

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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13 Responses to iPad App Art Is Surprisingly Good

  1. you can remove the Prisma watermark under Settings-enable Watermarks – just turn this off. Prisma and Waterlogue are both great fun to use and produce some stunning effects. Your image of Taz sniffing the wisteria reminds me of Tiffany glass – fabulous.

  2. Robyn G says:

    Great results Stacey – I especially like the Prisma effect. Lovely photos to play with.
    IColorama is one I like to have as a go to and Snapseed is one I use often for Instagram images. Enjoy!

  3. Nic says:

    Oooo neat app ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the one where the kitty is surrounded by glowing blue! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Liz G says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and have REALLY enjoyed reading through it. I live in Auckland but love the S. Island scenery so I rather envy your location (except for the earthquakes!!). If you haven’t already come across it by now, I recommend Aquarella by Jixipix, which gives a great deal of control over the watercolour effect. It’s available as an iPad app and also for Win/Mac. Also by Jixipix is my all time favourite editing app, Dramatic Black & White. Both are easy to use and though the iPad apps don’t save at full size, they’re great for conveniently getting the look, then you can then use the same settings on your computer (save as a preset if you aren’t going to do this straight away), which does save at full size. And they’re not at all expensive, which is a nice bonus!

    • Hi. Liz and welcome to my blog. Glad you are enjoying it. I will check out those apps, thanks fir the recommendation. Yeah I have issues with the file sizes iPad save at, if it will accept a larger size, surely it can output in the same size?

      • Liz G says:

        I agree and I’m sure it can be done. I often use Google’s free Snapseed iPad app, which is excellent. However about a year ago, from the Snapseed forum it seemed a lot of people started having trouble with saved file sizes, including me. The developers couldn’t understand why, though I suspected it might have been because of a recent system upgrade. I decided to check out my other photo apps and found that most (though not all) of them also saved at smaller sizes, in spite of claiming to save at full res. I gave the developers detailed feedback and they were very responsive. They must have tracked down the problem (though it may have been more to do with Apple than them) but eventually they fixed it. Now it’s possible to save at different sizes and jpg qualities, and if you do some heavy editing the file can become substantially larger than the original!! And FWIW it has amazing functionality and excellent tutorial videos … highly recommended if you don’t already use it!

      • Well that’s handy to know. I will put snapseed in my list! What else do you recommend or use?

      • Liz G says:

        The only other one I use (though not as often as the others) is called Nova (previously Ansel), which is a b&w editing app. However, I just checked and it seems it’s been pulled from the NZ App Store and is now only available in the US and Turkish app stores!!! Very odd. It had a nice easy interface, with good results, but nothing you couldn’t also do in Lightroom or Silver FX. Anyway, you can have too many apps, so it’s probably just as well … ๐Ÿ˜‰

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