Very very tired but OK


So you may have heard about the 7.5 earthquake that hit the South Island just after midnight (some 20 hours ago).

I am OK, the cats and the house are OK but I had to evacuate due to tsunami warning, and due to massive amounts of disorganisation on behalf of the Powers That Be it meant I had no where to go, so I turned up on the doorstep of a colleague at 2am unexpectedly.

Luckily she kindly took us in, and I had a bed for what remained of the night. Cognac spent the night under the bed, coming out for food. Taz however, thought it was a grand adventure 🙂

Up at 8am with roughly 3 hours sleep and about to head home once the tsunami warning was lifted and got a call from work, a really important conference was being held in CHCH and someone from work had pulled out, and did I want to go.

Actually I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for a week but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so with the OK from my boss I went home, had my second shower of the day to try and wake up, did some emails, reassembled myself as vaguely human and headed out.

Its been a good day but….. I am unbelievably tired. While it was a big quake it wasn’t centered here so the damage is further north, State Hwy 1 is closed due to major slips and road damage which will have huge impact, as thats not going to be fixed in time for the Xmas holidays.

So ….. tired…. but OK


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15 Responses to Very very tired but OK

  1. Sue says:

    Glad to hear you are OK

  2. Mick Talbot says:

    Terrifying experience, so glad you and your cats are safe. Take care,


  3. FAndrade says:

    Hi! Glad to hear you are OK! Just go on

  4. glad to hear you are OK, hoping everyone else is too.

  5. Leanne Cole says:

    Glad to hear you are okay Stacey, I’m away and have really only just been able to get on the internet. Very happy to hear the cats are good too.

  6. mmjustus says:

    So glad you’re all right! I hope you get many hours of peaceful sleep in the very near future.

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