Getting My Freak On Again

Ages ago I borrowed a bridle from a work colleague to do something creative with, but the initial idea was too difficult to do by myself and so never got done.

Today in a Self Portraiture FB group an image appeared that inspired me to get the bridle out, my tub of left over fake blood (as you do) and get my freak on again!

Taking a lesson from Brooke Shaden, where she theorises that if you act out the emotion rather than “posing” it, the outcome is much more real and effective, I got the above image.  Normally I would not show my actual whole face, but the wrinkles around my tightly scrunched up eyes are too good not to show.

Both images have had some grunge layers added for texture and atmosphere.

I know these posts are not to everyone’s taste but I hope you can appreciate the effort that goes into them and the artistic goal that is being aimed for.

All feedback welcome – how do these images make you feel?


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10 Responses to Getting My Freak On Again

  1. Lee Cleland says:

    Oh, the second one is stunning – in a ghoulish sort of way 🙂 Not that I actually “like” them as such, but for emotion and realism it’s terrific. If I may make a suggestion (?) some wet/bloodied long hair (can be fake) sticking to your face would give it a real edge; and make even more of a mess to clean up 🙂

    • Thanks Lee, I had my hair tied up out of the way as the fake blood is terribly sticky and makes a hell of a mess in your hair (I still managed to get some in it!)

      I purposely didnt include any hair in this image as well because I wanted it to be more androgynous and less obvious who it was, making it more stark. Does that make sense?

  2. Sue says:

    I don’t ‘like’ them, but kudos for the artistry…. All too realistic, I feel!

  3. gordoco says:

    Well done! The acting and the blood and the processing all make it come together. I know what you mean about acting out an emotion rather than merely posing it. I’ve done a number of creative self-portraits, and when I shoot an image where I’m screaming or laughing, I actually am screaming or laughing.

  4. Nic says:

    I do like the grunge/horror effect you have created… not to keen on the first one, only because it has an S&M feel and it makes me uncomfortable looking at it (which is what you wanted? I guess, then you accomplished it. heh) I do like the second one, as I do watch zombie movies and such so this one looks like it belongs in that category. There is serious emotion in the second one as well, great job. 🙂

    • the visceral response I get from people viewing these images constantly fascinates me. Yes, if I am doing my job as an artist right, then yes you will feel uncomfortable in some way. So YAY! for that 🙂

  5. Norm Thompson says:

    Personally I think this kind of work is particularly effective in the digital world and I wonder about it’s acceptance but for me it feels liberating. Almost like primal scream.

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