Out of focus image rescue

Click to embiggen and see all the fine details in the image – it will not disappoint

Its raspberry season and I treated myself to a couple of punnets yesterday.  Of course, before they are eaten, they must be posed and arranged and lit and shot appropriately.

Except I have discovered that when I press the shutter, I move the camera slightly and the shots are out of focus when looked at 100%.  Using the wireless remote helps solve this problem but one of the parts had a flat battery!

This was the original image, again playing with shaping the light and controlling the shadows with black boards, slowly I am moving towards the final look that I want with these images.

Still, even though this is out of focus, it is not a waste of an image at all!

Post processing steps:

1.  Edit in LR

2.  Bring into PS and run Seven Styles Watercolour action over it

3.  Tweak the action to better suit the image

4.  Run original image through Akvis Sketch

5.  Bring the sketch image into PS and apply over the watercolour version, blend and mask in for a subtle effect

6.  Bring in a 2LO After the Rain texture to add more blotchy water colour finish to the overall image

7.  Add some text fragments in the corners for subtle detail and interest.

So an out of focus image becomes a creative artistic piece instead!  Another trick I have used is running Topaz Impression over a similar image.  What are your tricks for upcycling images?


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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2 Responses to Out of focus image rescue

  1. loisajay says:

    I think the original image is beautiful. The berries look good enough to eat and that is all that matters! 😀

  2. leecleland says:

    And that is the beauty of all we are learning in AWAKE and I’m sure Kaizen, that we can do something artistic with a less than 100% crisp, sharp image. Love Topaz Simplify and Impressions for these and my go to for an overlay (at the present time) is a shot I took through an old window with the intentionally bumpy glass used to let in light but not let anyone see straight through. I don’t know what it’s called but it has to have a specific name.
    May 2017 bring you lots of photographic and artistic adventures.

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