Teddy and The Girl Leave On An Adventure

A while ago I showed an image of a teddy on train tracks, an image shot while I was testing out the concept for this image.  So far, the image above is my most complicated composite image to date.

It was shot on site at Ferrymead Historical Village – I got permission first.  This is the second take of the images as I had some focussing issues the first time around.  Unfortunately when I got there, the sun broke through from the clouds and I had bright patches of sunlit areas.

This is composited using the Panorama setup in Lightroom – it takes a bit of fiddling to make sure that you fill the edges of the frame but don’t overlap the main subject – its blended of around 12 images to make the original single image that you see here.

The sky is a replacement, the original was to bright with not enough cloud detail.


Original image minus the top and bottom parts of the frame that went into creating the full final image

For me, colouring an image is the hardest bit, and with this one I spent *ages* fiddling about with colour, but because of the highlights on the dress and hair and background hill, was failing to make it all a cohesive image.

So instead, I have toned it for night time, with the bright area on the dress and hair, hopefully attributed to a bright moon.  The bright area on the hill now looks like bare exposed dirt and fits in better.

This is the beginning of my conceptual fine art series – I am planning on telling the story of Teddy and The Girl in images.

I am trying to express some feeling or emotion – for me its dark and cold, and she is out there alone (except for the tight grip on Teddy) – yet her stance is upright, moving with resolution forward towards the moonlight and what possibility might lie around the corner of the train tracks.
What is the story YOU see in this image?



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4 Responses to Teddy and The Girl Leave On An Adventure

  1. Sue says:

    Well, there’s a distinct sense of foreboding ….

  2. desleyjane says:

    It’s a gorgeous image. I think she’s leaving somewhere. I wanted to say running away not I don’t get any urgency from the image. It’s more like she’s resigned to the fact that she has to leave. She’s being forced.

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