Blueberries and my Shooting Setup

Found these in the supermarket today.  I am not a fan of blueberries so would never normally buy them, but they look so amazing in food photos, and real blue food is such a rarity and I thought they would look nice in my antique silver spoons – these are the GIANT sized ones that are much bigger than a tablespoon with really deep bowls.  Ideal for piling berries into 🙂

I thought I would show you what my setup looks like – this is laid out on my lounge floor where I have a ranch slider to my right and in front of me is a wide window that I have pulled the curtains closed – that very thing makes a huge difference to the way the light falls on the image.

So above you can see the big bit of foam core at the top of the frame and a smaller bit to the left.  The base is art cardboard (the other side is painted) and the two A4 folded black cards that I use to shape the light.  And the tripod balanced over the top – this is tied back as when I put my camera on portrait orientation, its so top heavy, it falls over!


setup1View from where the camera would sit.  The black thing in the middle is a lovely piece of slate that is matte and adds subtle texture to the background.

So there you go, I have revealed all my secrets for you now 🙂  Go forth and shoot!


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15 Responses to Blueberries and my Shooting Setup

  1. Very inteesting, thanks for sharing this! Highly appreciated!

  2. gilian says:

    That is just so awesome. Haha I’ll try that. 🙂

  3. desleyjane says:

    Cool. I have a very similar setup for flatlays but I need to get some screening boards too.

  4. leecleland says:

    The slate is a brilliant stroke of magic. It would look good in many different shoots. Simple setup but really effective.

  5. Not only a great image, but an excellent tutorial. It opens up a whole range of ideas. Thanks for the details and images of the set-up.

  6. Wow! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this…

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