More Dark Light Food Photography

Cherries from my tree and they are completely delicious and I was so please to finally sort out this technique so I could properly do them justice!

Huge juicy blackberries, I couldn’t resist buying some to bring home and shoot them – as they are so dark it was a bit challenging, but as they are quite shiny, they reflected enough light to give them dimension which was important.

Check out my new dishes by the way as well!

Blueberries are something I avoid eating, not a fan at all, but these look AMAZING in photos and were on special, so decided to grab some and I really like this photo – and the antique pie dish looks pretty awesome too 🙂

I froze my blackberries to keep them in good condition, and when they hit the warm air, this lovely frost condenses on the outside for a very different look.

Note for the person who keeps linking to my posts but taking credit for my work on their page (and deletes my comments pointing out its MY photography) – I have issued a DMCA notice with WordPress.


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32 Responses to More Dark Light Food Photography

  1. Dina says:

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous work!!
    How annoying that someone steals the credit of your work, has WP reacted?
    Best regards, Dina

  2. Stunning mesmerizing prefer the darker background

  3. These photos are beautiful! I would enjoy learning this style of photography, do you have links you can direct me to?

  4. ruthyardy says:

    Beautiful work.

  5. Beautiful photography, berries look so nice in food photos. And I love that dark style in photography (:

  6. I really like these photos. For me, I like the cherry image best, but I do find the blackberries with frost interesting.
    I’m also curious to know how you even figured out someone was using your stuff without permission?

    • They linked to the posts and I checked it out. They are harvesting blog posts across WordPress and linking to them but taking credit in the comments for the work. They also moderated and blocked my comments pointing out it was my work. WordPress have responded and apparently removed the post and advised the person that I have logged the takedown.

      • Interesting, thanks for the info. I know that this sort of theft happens all the time, so I was just curious how you discovered it.

      • Good news is WordPress have very quickly responded and taken down my page from their site, incredibly quick and efficient. Interestingly the page that was helping themselves to my stuff then posted up a post asking for people wanting to contribute to their “magazine” site LOL – shame they didnt ask FIRST!!

      • Yeah, no kidding, I don’t really understand people with that mindset. I’m also glad to hear that WordPress took care of this.

  7. Nora says:

    Well done! The fruit looks amazing. BTW skimming to see the theft you’v experienced. That’s one of my biggest complaints with the digital movement..UGH

    • Yes, my complaint seems to have had a noticeable effect as the number of stolen blog posts they were showing has now reduced down to two, possibly by the author, and now they have a page asking for people to join them. What really pissed me off was they were taking crecit for my work in the comments, and when I commented saying just that, they blocked it, so they were clearly harvesting the data for their own benefit. Mess with me at your peril and good on WordPress for very quickly responding and taking down the material, I was quite impressed at their response.

      • Nora says:

        UGH!!! I really am not a fan of watermarking. How else does one protect their work online? I’m pleased to hear WordPress acted swiftly.

      • Watermark wouldnt have made any difference, they linked to the whole blog post, and then took credit for it in the comments on their site

  8. Wow, love your photography. This is amazing!

  9. Allen R. Kive says:

    I love how one can take something so simple and ordinary and turn it into something so beautiful. The berries look too good to eat now! Excellent photos and the lighting is so perfect. Keep up the good work!

  10. samba2017 says:

    Loving the berry photos! This looks delicious – I have a poetry blog here onWordpress and today’s post is about blueberries in case you have time to look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

  11. Genna says:

    Lovely macro shots!

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