2017 Roundup

2017 was a difficult year for a lot of people for a variety of reasons.  My biggest challenge was the “Conference That Ate My Life” – I was part of the organising committee for a large Project Management conference that was held late Sept.  Yes it ate my life, consuming my spare time and energy and leaving little left over for photography.

Plus this year I really struggled with my mental health, the unwelcome combination of anxiety at levels I had not experienced before, and depression.  That by itself makes it difficult to have any creative energy, and usually has the added benefit of making you feel really guilty about it, which makes you even more depressed *sigh*

I did go to Melbourne for two weeks, for a photography conference for the Australian and NZ Awake students, which was unexpectedly delightful.  I then stayed an extra week with a fellow student, and we had lovely adventures and outings, and I got to go to IKEA!

This was the year I discovered the fun to be had with mixed media, and it opened a whole new creative door for me.  So while I wasn’t always doing photography, I was creating and making stuff and having fun.  Also spending a small fortune on art supplies!

So lets look at a summary:

  • Survived the Conference That Ate My Life
  • Ran a very successful conference and Awards Dinner
  • Learned a new craft – Mixed Media
  • Went to Australia and met some online friends in real life
  • Went to Healesville Sanctuary and got up close and personal with the wildlife (cross that one off the Bucket List)
  • Saw much more of Melbourne than just the central city
  • Attended WWGSD UnConference and met some fantastic women, who get shit done
  • Dealt with mental health issues
  • Had some personal challenges and milestones
  • Started a new project with the intent of getting exhibited
  • Attended a Storytelling workshop to assist the new project
  • Started seriously writing for one photography site and got invited to write for another one – and they pay!
  • Got my tattoo seriously upgraded 🙂
  • Worked on improving my Still Life skills
  • Pulled back from contributing much to Awake as I just didn’t have the capacity
  • Went back to the gym, working with my PT to get much stronger and fitter
  • I discovered the joy of drinking whisky
  • Dappled in using iPad to create art
  • Survived my first Root Canal – which led to my first professional commission!
  • Had some “interesting” work discussions with my boss

This was a year for redefining goals, being real and brave about my choices, to be clear about what I wanted to do, admitting I wasn’t 100% OK when it was the case, taking risks and chances and grasping opportunities when they were offered.

It was a year for taking myself and my art seriously, taking steps to provide it with a foundation to build on so that this year I can really make some progress!

How was your 2017?



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4 Responses to 2017 Roundup

  1. leecleland says:

    For someone who helped organise a conference that ate her life and suffered depression I think you got a hell of a lot done (and held down a real job as well). Noted there were not as many post either here or on AWAKE. Looking forward to what you get up to this year – bring on 2018!!!

  2. Ineke says:

    Well I love your post, as far as I’m concerned I think you packed much more into 2017 than most and under some very difficult and challenging times. But what I really like is your openness, honesty and your willingness to share both your art knowledge and of yourself. Good luck with 2018 you have 364 days left…

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