Wander Through An Old Cemetary

Its been on my mind for a while to visit this cemetary, its one of the earliest ones in Christchurch and has many notable people buried there, including Kate Sheppard who was instrumental in NZ women getting the vote.  I found all this out as I read the noticeboard on my way out 🙂

Cemetaries are an interesting place, especially the old ones.  You see generations of families buried in the same plot, some living to a venerable age, but many dying very young.

It was a lovely day to walk around, with a few other people encountered.  There were some spectacular mature yew trees covered in berries, and some decent sized oaks dropping acorns all over the place.  For an area near the central city and in a densely populated sububan zone backed up against some light industry, the volume of bird song was heartening.

The damage from the earthquake was all too visible with many of the headstones toppled over or uprooted at crazy angles.  It was impressive to see slabs of marble a few inches thick shattered into pieces but sad as well.  Its unlikely anyone will be around to front up the cost to repair or replace these, evident in the fact they are still in this broken state several years post quake.

The lovely rusted railings with their fleur de lis  pattern were around many sites, with this spider making good use of its environment.

It fascinates me how much detail can be carved from a piece of stone, if one has the time, patience and funding to be able to afford it.  Todays sterile affordable headstones pale into comparison with these gorgeous monuments to loved ones.

I very rarely do a selective colour, but this headstone caught my eye, even though the people listed have been dead for over a century, someone still cares enough to mark the headstone with some flowers.  I wonder who…. and why?

So many stories to be found in a cemetary, questions about the lives of the people buried there.  Its fascinating….who else enjoys a wander through a cemetary?






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4 Responses to Wander Through An Old Cemetary

  1. Sue says:

    I think old cemeteries are fascinating places, plenty of tales to tell…. The Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, and some of the London ones really resonate

  2. dianeschuller.com says:

    Oh I sure do. My mother did too; that’s likely where I get that from.

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