Making My Own Photography Background Boards

Dearest readers, sincere apologies for my lack of proper posts.  Since the beginning of this year my health has been not good, I have had food poisoning, a root canal, an issue with my wrist and a virus that went on for 7 weeks!

Not a lot of energy for creating or posting as a result beyond my other writing commitments – which you have seen posted here too.

I have been playing a lot with mixed media art and in the last week my enthusiasm has been fired up by this course

Making Beautiful Background Boards

Initially I was a bit reluctant, its quite expensive (tho its on special til end May) but I had seen several pieces done by students and was really impressed.  So paid my money and have sat down and devoured all the videos over the last week.


Denise teaches you cool techniques which you can use or adapt to your own preference and has lots of options with products (where possible) so you can find something you like to work with.

I had to wait til the weekend to go shopping for supplies!
And here are some of my finished pieces

These two boards started with the exact same coat of paint and were finished off differently.

Also check out the picture at the top of the post with my amazing Cherry Stain board!

If you are frustrated by the lack of options or the cost of photography boards and you do a lot of food or still life – I highly recommend this course 🙂



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