Antique Watering Can Floral Arrangement

While searching online a few months ago for still life and food props, I came across a site called Vivre which did wonderful antique style and french decor homewares. Rather surprisingly they are actually based in New Zealand!

Even better, they were having a sale and I bought several delicious props including this wonderful watering can planter (it has a hole in the base)  – it is quite small, and the body has great detail and texture and has a lovely matte finish.  Perfect for my needs!

So I can’t quite figure out why I haven’t used it in a shoot yet?

Last weekend when I was shooting my bunch of spring flowers, it finally got its chance in front of the camera, and doesn’t it look great!

This edit is pretty much true to life for the colour of the flowers in comparison to the faded edit on the previous post.

What are your favourite prop supply places? I love markets and second hand shops but the good stuff is trendy now and often expensive.

I try to buy quality classic pieces I can use over and over again – whats your favourite prop?


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2 Responses to Antique Watering Can Floral Arrangement

  1. Cynthia Witney says:

    Gorgeous website – will pass the name on to my friends particularly my daughter in NZ. Thanks for the info

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